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Pilates and Classical Ballet


An American in France

Meredith is a native of Lake Charles, Louisiana, where she began her classical ballet training.  She went on to study at Southwest Ballet Center, Walnut Hill School of Performing Arts, the School of American Ballet and the Houston Ballet Academy, where she first began practicing Pilates.

At age seventeen she started dancing professionally.  In the United States and Europe she performed soloist and principal roles from the classical repertoire, Swan Lake, The Sleeping Beauty, Giselle, Coppelia, Les Sylphides, The Nutcracker... as well as original works, such as Les Indes Galantes at L’Opéra de Paris


After her participation as The Ballet Teacher on the television show Star Academy,  she established her school in Paris in 2003.  She now teaches and oversees the classical ballet program at  La Compagnie Hallet Eghayan in Lyon.  

At Studio Danse Pilates Lyon, Thierry Véziès (Romana's Pilates ®) trained and certified her as Instructor of Mat Class True Pilates® .


In addition to her classes at Compagnie Hallet Eghayan, she  organizes workshops for pre-professionnal students and is a guest teacher at schools in the United States.  Meredith is Artistic Director of ACM Ballet..

People are saying

"We truly feel how much you love teaching."

"Benevolent and demanding all at once!"

Emmanuelle R.

"Exactly what we need"
"Your Pilates classes will be a good memory  from lockdown"
"Best teacher ever!"

Brigitte V.

"Brilliant class, with insistence on precision !! We can feel it!"

Alexandra G.



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